Smart Rescue automatically records every inhaler use

It detects when your asthma is getting worse so you and your doctor can take steps in time.

A Small Device That Runs For Years

Reliably track your inhaler use without the need for batteries or charging.

It fits on top of any MDI inhaler

Use it with any inhaler.

Use your inhaler as normal

You press the Smart Rescue button when using your inhaler.

Tap to read

Tap your phone to record the exact times when you needed your inhaler. Stored on the Smart Asthma app.

You control what you measure

Recording your rescue inhaler use is an effective way to spot patterns in your asthma. Studies show 50% fewer emergency room visits when monitoring inhaler use.

Tracking your inhaler use keeps emergencies away

Your reliever inhaler use tells your doctor about your asthma control. They might need to change your medication. Studies show this cuts emergency events by half.

Your medication done right

Studies show electronic inhaler sensors reduce rescue inhaler use by 78%. And give you 48% more symptom-free days.