Smart InFlow will analyse your inhale and tell you how to do it better

When taking your inhaler, your inhale can be too short, too weak or too soft. That’s a lot to focus on, especially when you are feeling unwell.

You need your inhalers most when your COPD is getting worse. And that is exactly the time you can be too weak to inhale strong enough for the inhaler to work.

Smart InFlow will alert you so you can seek help before your condition exacerbates.

A quick check with Smart InFlow will tell you if:

    • You need to inhale longer.

    • You need to inhale stronger.

    • You need to inhaler sharper (start more suddenly) or;

    • If you are doing it just right.

Smart InFlow will also tell whether your nasal congestion has got better or worse

Attach a nasal mask and inhale deeply through your nose.

The Smart InFlow app will measure how fast the air rushes in.

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