Smart Peak Flow Wireless

  • Class IIa medically certified device
  • Suitable for children over 5 and adults
  • 80,000 downloads and 1.8m recordings
  • Wireless connection to smartphone
  • Digital technology empowers patients to be more engaged in self-monitoring their asthma
  • Target high-risk asthma patients, ie those with 2 or more courses of ICS or 6 or more prescriptions of SABA in the last 12 months
  • Improve asthma control as measured by ACT/ACQ testing
  • Improved adherence to Peak Flow measurements
  • Reduce asthma attacks and exacerbations
  • No more excuses re. forgotten paper charts as data is on smartphone
  • Smart Asthma Self-Monitoring Pro – asthma control data shared with clinicians by showing charts at consultation
  • Smart Asthma Self-Monitoring Lite – free self-monitoring to empower patients to self-manage their asthma, with or without the Smart Peak Flow device


Download the apps for Android and Apple phones: