Smart Inhaler

  • Know how many puffs you have taken – so you never get caught out with an empty inhaler
  • Know when you have taken your puffs – so you can better understand what triggers your asthma


Long after the medication has run out, the propellant keeps puffing. Smart Rescue will tell you when your inhaler is running low or dead.

Get Smart Rescue now to be confident your reliever will be there when you need it.

  • Tap your phone to see how many puffs are left
  • Let your carer know when it is running low
  • Or order a new inhaler and have it delivered to your home
  • Fits every MDI inhaler (those with little pressurized canisters)
  • Gives you the date when your inhaler will be empty at the current use rate
  • The battery will last 2-3 years and when it runs out, we will replace your device free of charge

Smart Rescue reduces asthma flare-ups. It detects when your asthma is getting worse, so you and your doctor can take steps in time.

Optimise your inhaler use by using the Smart Rescue. It automatically records your inhaler usage and tells you when to take your medication.

  • Discover what triggers your asthma
  • Keep track of the condition of your loved ones
  • A small device that runs for years without recharging
  • It fits on the top of any MDI inhaler
  • You press the Smart Rescue button when using the inhaler
  • Every now and then, tap your phone against the Smart Rescue to read the exact times when you needed your rescue inhaler

Download the apps for Android and Apple phones: