More accurate compared to all other peak flow meters.


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Increase in days with no symptoms.


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Accurate in predicting what your peak flow will be tomorrow.

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Less visits to the emergency room.


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More reliable than recording your chart on paper.


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Less wheezing.


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Better at self-medicating.


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Increase in PEF monitoring adherence by patients.


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Regulatory Documents

ORCHA Approved

Cyber Essentials Certified

DTAC compliant

Research In Progress

  • Longitudinal monitoring of peak inspiratory flow used as a marker of COPD progress.
  • Effectiveness of the Smart Peak Flow device on self-management of asthma: A randomised controlled trial.
  • Qualitative evaluation of Smart Asthma Console as a digital health platform to improve asthma healthcare based on clinicians’ experience.

Research Partners

Smart Peak Flow is used for clinical research at UoE.

Smart Peak Flow is used for clinical research at Harvard & BIDMC.

Smart Peak Flow is used for clinical research at Probelte Pharma.

Clinician Reviews

Dr Mark L. Levy 

GINA Board Member and GP with a special interest in Asthma

“Electronic monitoring can be used for early identification and monitoring resolution of asthma attacks. Now, asthma attacks, do not usually occur suddenly, and so an electronic system for warning patients of impending attacks can be very helpful.”

Dr. Andras Szantho
Director of Allergology, Hungary

“Smart Peak Flow measures your peak flow, but also a percentage compared to your last best blow. This comparison is invaluable when trying to work out if your asthma is worsening or not.”

Professor Krzysztof Buczylko
Director of Allergology, Poland

“I recommend Smart Peak Flow as regular peak flow readings help me assess my patients. I know whether the medications I prescribe actually work.”

Dr. Tuck-Kay Loke
Consultant Respiratory Physician at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

“The fact I am able to have access to patients’ recordings at this time of coronavirus is particularly useful as I am not able to have many face to face consultations at the present time.”

Sarah Hull
BMedical, Distributor in Australia

“The most common feedback from clinicians is that it empowers patients to take control and manage their asthma. No more excuses at appointments that they forgot their paper charts, as all the data is on their smartphone.”

Debbie Duncan
Queen's Nurse and Lecturer at the School of Nursing & Midwifery at Queen's University Belfast

“Many patients that I have looked after in practice are anxious that their rescue inhalers will run out. Smart Asthma/Smart Rescue utilises technology to support patients in the self-management of their condition. Our patients feel in control again.”

Bev Bostock
Asthma Lead, Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists

As a clinician and the asthma lead for the Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists, I welcome any intervention which potentially improves adherence and gives people living with asthma access to tools which support effective self-management. The Smart Asthma/Rescue tools add to the armoury of approaches we can use, both pharmacological ad-nd non-pharmacological, to optimise outcomes in different ways.

Dr Prasad Nagakumar
Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician at Birmingham Children's Hospital

‘We have been using the Smart Asthma devices for our patients in primary care for the last few months. Our patients have found them incredibly useful in managing their conditions and giving them more control over how to manage their Asthma. It’s also helped us monitor in real time the patients’ control of their conditions and alerts us to which patients are not optimally controlled. We can also track their salbutamol use and this helps with stepping up or down their treatment. An absolute must for any healthcare provider dealing with patients with Asthma.”

Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP
International Trade Secretary in the UK Government.

Smart Asthma was launched in India in February 2021, during the visit of the Secretary of State for International Trade, the Right Honourable Liz Truss, who commented, ‘’What started as an idea in Imperial College London became a smash hit online, hitting 113% of its crowdfunding target, and is now in demand across the world. I am glad to see it has attracted the interest of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), whose director Dr Randeep Guleria has been a leading light here in India in the fight against coronavirus. Today’s deal will help secure exports worth several million pounds for Smart Respiratory. It shows what British innovators can achieve and what natural partners they can find in India.’’

Astra Zeneca
Partner in Japan

‘Smart Respiratory offers innovative solutions that bring new benefits to both asthmatic patients and clinicians.”

Lord David Prior
Chairman of NHS England

Lord Prior, Chair of the NHS stated, ‘’Very affordable digital health solution to a problem affecting asthmatics worldwide, using British technology and Artificial Intelligence. Excellent lung function monitoring for people with respiratory conditions.’’

Patient Reviews


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