A platform to help give your asthma patients the tools to thrive

We built an adherence platform so doctors like you can streamline your practice and have smarter patients.

Smart Peak Flow Meter

All patient readings are automatically recorded on the platform. Includes peak flow, inhaler use and symptoms.


Shows patients how much left in their MIDs and shows clinicians w. they have been using it

Improved adherence
& patient education

The app guides patients to take readings daily and understand trends in their peak flow.

Data-Driven Asthma Control

View your patients’ progress in real-time on a single platform. Reduce time spent on ACQs.

Cutting edge technology & methods

AI and CompEx events help you predict your patients’ exacerbations with 90% accuracy. Call patients only when you have to.

Increase peak flow monitoring adherence by patients

Patients using the Smart Peak Flow Meter have triple the monitoring adherence, compared to standard peak flow meters.

Antalffy, T., De Simoni, A., & Griffiths, Chris J, (2020) Promising Peak Flow Diary Compliance with an Electronic Peak Flow Meter and linked Smartphone App.

More accurate compared to other peak flow meters

Use a tool that conforms to the highest accuracy standards.
Independent testing places the Smart Peak Flow Meter in the top 2.

VanZeller, C., Williams, A. & Pollock, I. (2019) . Comparison of Bench Test Results Measuring the Accuracy of Peak Flow Meters.

Less emergency events from patients

Increase your patients better outcomes. Studies show better adherence leads to half as much emergency events.

Merchant, R., Tuffli, M., Barrett, M., Hogg, C., Van Sickle, D., & Stempel, D. (2017). Impact of A Digital Health Intervention On Asthma Healthcare Utilization.

Doctor Testimonials

“Smart Peak Flow measures your peak flow, but also a percentage compared to your last best blow. This comparison is invaluable when trying to work out if your asthma is worsening or not.”

Dr. Andras Szantho / Lung Specialist

“I recommend Smart Peak Flow as regular peak flow readings help me assess my patients. I know whether the medications I prescribe actually work.”

Prof. Krzysztof Buczyłko / Director of Allergology

“The fact I am able to have access to patients’ recordings at this time of coronavirus is particularly useful as I am not able to have many face to face consultations at the present time.”

Dr. Tuck-Kay Loke / Clinical Director

“Smart Peak Flow is a convenient and useful solution for asthma and COPD patients to track their changes, to detect exacerbations earlier and to aid in consultations with their doctor.”

Dr Janos Mucsi / Pulmonologist and Head of Clinical Trials

“I’m afraid the days of an analog peak flow meter with the patient having to write down the scores on a piece of paper are numbered. Most of my patients come back to the clinic to say that they forgot to bring the record of peak flows and then make up some random values from the top of the head which is utterly useless.Much better to use a digitally connected device like the hashtag#smartpeakflow which links to a brilliant app on a smart phone. That surely is the future.”

Prof Brian Lipworth / Professor of Allergy and Pulmonology at the University of Dundee

How it works


Invite your patients

Start by getting the Smart Peak Flow to your patients


Patients learn to self-manage

The app helps to teach them to track & self manage asthma


Remote monitor

Get full charts of PEF, inhaler usage and symptoms from your patients digitally


Predict & advise

AI helps you alert patients of exacerbations before they happen

Test it at your practice

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