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    About us

    Smart Respiratory Products was founded in 2014 at Imperial College, London to develop affordable sensors and software for monitoring chronic respiratory diseases. We started with asthma because 90% of people with asthma do not follow the standard advice given by doctors, which is to monitor their peak flow and all electronic monitoring devices were too expensive for widespread use. We have worked with clinicians and patients to develop Smart Peak Flow as a convenient way for both patients and clinicians to keep track of asthma.

    Several prototypes later in 2017, Smart Peak Flow was put on Kickstarter and 113% funded. Shortly afterwards, the world’s first smartphone peak flow meter was born. Since then it has taken 2 million peak flow measurements.
    We launched the Smart Asthma console, our telemonitoring dashboard in 2020, followed by Smart Rescue in 2023. Our Smart Asthma app has been downloaded 75,000 times in 28 languages and is being used by NHS clinicians, researchers and patients in many countries around the world to diagnose and manage asthma.

    We are owned and funded by our management team. Thomas is a medical graduate turned programmer turned crazy inventor and Richard has extensive business experience in building and managing healthcare-related companies.

    Our people

    Dr Thomas Antalffy
    Co-founder and Managing Director

    Richard Pethö
    Co-founder and Business Development

    Antony Wilson
    Head of Commercial

    Szabó Ferenc
    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    Serena Alpi
    Medical Affairs

    Ling Ádám
    Software Development

    Iheb Brini
    Data Scientist

    Bálint Baraniuk
    Quality Control

    Máthé Guthy
    Industrial Design

    Róbert Katona
    Electronics Engineer

    London team

    Budapest team