for patients and doctors managing chronic respiratory conditions

Maximising Leading-Edge Connected Device Technology with our Platform Solutions to Improve Patient Outcomes

Our Smart Sensors + App + Cloud Platform gather data for self-management and telemedicine


Affordable Smart devices connecting to mobile phones

Smart Asthma

Asthma control in your pocket: a small digital peak flow meter

Smart InFlow

Measuring inhaler technique and inspiratory flow

Smart Rescue

Keeping track of inhaler use

Smart PNIF

Measuring nasal congestion (PNIF)

Patient apps

For self-management and for clinical trials

Smart Asthma app

Beat flare-ups before you feel them coming

Smart InFlow app

Measure how you inhale

Custom apps for trials

Convenient reporting for Asthma and Rhinitis participants

Cloud platform

Telemedicine dashboard for virtual consultations and for clinical studies

Smart Asthma Console

Data-driven Asthma Control. Telemonitoring Lung function, Symptoms, Reliever inhaler use, Asthma control level, CompEx events and more

Smart Peak Flow API

Measure peak flow with your app or your dashboard

Smart Rescue API

Track inhaler use with your app or your dashboard